Di and Jim, Wanderers

Di and Jim, Wanderers

Welcome to the world of the Wanderers!

The world is a wonderful place; full of amazing sights, people, adventures and food!

This is my husband, Jim.

Jim behind the wheel.

He does all the organizing, makes the travel arrangements, drives the car, and pays the bills.

I’m Diana and I have all the fun. Together we are the Wanderers!

A word of warning: There are those out there who do not take their food and wine as seriously as we. For you unfortunate souls I shall use a different font for those times when I wax poetic about our meals. You are welcome to skim.


Di and her Retirement Bubbly


About diwanderer

I love to travel! I love food and wine and learning about new cultures. Come and explore with me!
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2 Responses to Di and Jim, Wanderers

  1. Katie Bryan says:

    This is so COOL!!! Beautiful site set-up! So, SO looking forward to hearing all about your travels!!

  2. kbailey374 says:

    I love your warning, haha! Who would dare to skim something so neat!

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