Celebrate with almost NO money!

Di the Sommelier

Birthdays!  Anniversaries!  Special days!  These are all good reasons to celebrate.  However, there are many times in our lives when the spirit to celebrate is strong but the budget is weak.

Thus was the case when a colleague was celebrating a landmark birthday last week.  We all wanted to help her do this in style because she is such a classy lady.  Our original thought was to take her out for dinner at a swanky restaurant.  But… we have been on strike for… far too long.  No one has any money.

We decided to celebrate on the picket line!  Everyone brought something: chairs, tables, dishes, tablecloths, balloons, and, of course, FOOD!  One ambitious lady even brought a slow cooker full of the most wonderful Salmon Corn Chowder.

As part of the celebration, I dressed up in head wine waiter, or sommelier, outfit.  The tuxedo is actually an apron, with my own black jacket and black slacks.  The top hat is part of a choir costume.  Doesn’t everyone have a spare top hat at home?  I then proceeded, with full pomp and circumstances to, to serve our birthday gal with the very finest of bubbly … water, vintage 2014.

Later I had a another costume change, removed the tuxedo apron, donned a silvery scarf and played my travel harp to finish the picket line shift.

How says you have to have money to celebrate?

Di and Nightengale (travel harp)




About diwanderer

I love to travel! I love food and wine and learning about new cultures. Come and explore with me!
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