The Cinema in Howick New Zealand

Twas a rather dull day in Howick (our Auckland suburb) and we decided to see a movie rather than go exploring.  As it turns out, visiting the cinema was a little exploration of culture all on its own!

Howick’s Monterey Cinema

As soon as you open the door, even before you enter, there is an immediate difference.  You are not blasted with the overwhelming smell of popcorn.  We both did a double take.  Indeed, no popcorn.  There were, however, fresh baked scones and even a wine list!  The whole lobby looked far more like a tea shop than a movie theatre. The tickets are purchased from the person at the food counter.

Inside the actual theatre, the differences continued to abound.  The plush seats were wide and far, far from the row in front and there were little flat tables for your snacks rather than plastic loops.  The screen was small compared to Vancouver norms and it certainly wasn’t surround sound.  

The movie we saw was such fun!  It was a New Zealand documentary called “Hip Hop-eration” about a group of seniors (average age in the 80s) from an island in Auckland’s bay, who decide to go to the Hip Hop tournament in Las Vegas.  It was very uplifting and inspiring but the best part was the reaction of the rest of the audience!

Our fellow viewers were all seniors themselves and when the movie was over, they were ready to sing, dance and even twirk.  In fact, I joked (as I did the wave) that they should “bust a move” and they were ready to sign me up as a teacher on the spot!

I am not sure if this is a typical Kiwi cinema, but I wish more Canadian cinemas were like this one.


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3 Responses to The Cinema in Howick New Zealand

  1. Chuck Bryan says:

    No popcorn! How brutal…it just naturally goes with Big Screen, Big Sound and Big Popcorn

  2. Kathryn says:

    What fun!

  3. diwanderer says:

    Didn’t miss the popcorn at all! And this from a hard core movie popcorn consumer.

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