Anticipating a Return to Hobbiton

Warning:  Heavy Duty Nerd Alert!

I suggest a good many of you may want to skip this post all together. 


This way!

I am so excited!  Bubbling over with enthusiasm.  Trying to reign myself in because too much anticipation usually leads to a big let down.  How can my dreams possibly match up to reality?  Perhaps because today will not be my first visit to Hobbiton Movie Set.

I remember the first time I saw pictures on-line of this fantastic location.  I couldn’t believe they were real!  And, yes, in reality I know they are just a movie set.  You can’t actually go in those hobbit holes.  But it sure looks like you can!  I knew right then and there that this was one place in the world I had to visit.

Even more vividly, I remember the moment I actually laid eyes on the set.  You are walking through ordinary farmland, you go through a narrow passage between two hills and suddenly…

Your first sight of Hobbiton


It is all right there.

I was literally moved to tears.  

Part of my overwelming emotion was sheer amazement of a childhood fantasy made real.  Seeing the Tower of London the first time was a similiar feeling.  I just couldn’t believe it was actually real!

Another part was the soaking in of the sheer beauty of the scene.  There is no doubt about it, Peter Jackson has done an incredible job here.  Truly a work of art!

However, I think the biggest single reason I was fighting back tears was I suddenly acknowledged my own mortality.  But in a good way!  (My goodness, this is hard to explain!)

The fireplace in the Green Dragon

Perhaps I had not foreseen my actual death, (I am not ready to set sail for the Grey Havens yet) but in that moment I saw the gentle ebb and flow of life’s journey.  Given the fullness of time, I knew and accepted that I would grow old.  These bones would weaken and my health become frail.  One day I shall want to turn away from the wandering life and yearn for more simple home and hearth pleasures.

I wanted to do that here.  In Hobbiton.

Most importantly, I wanted to do this with the man who was standing beside me, smiling at his “silly” wife and secretly enjoying the moment almost as much as I.

Now we are going to return.  Today!  I have my hobbit costume (including hobbit feet) all

Dinameera Brandybuck, Ready to Step Outside her Door


ready.  Everything is fitted neatly into a box which I shall mail back to Vancouver after the end of the day.  Thus leaving important room in my suitcase for souvenirs.  (Perhaps a Hobbiton T-shirt?)

Since we visited a year and a half ago, Hobbiton Movie Set has added  to their experience.  One day a week there is a hobbit feast held in the Green Dragon Pub after the last tour.  You can bet your bottom dollar I shall write all about it on difoodie!


In the midst of the visit, in the midst of the banquet with tables groaning with food, in the midst of the commaradarie of hobbits celebrating together, I shall be looking for something else.  I will try to see beyond the wooden beams, the fire place, the fantasy made real and try to figure out how I can create my own hobbit hole so it will be ready for my later years.  

What will it take?  I know that I do not really want to be a hobbit.  For one thing, I don’t think I could ever live without wifi any more!  I do not need to be surroounded by short people, I do not need to live underground, I don’t even need to have circular doors (although that would be a really nice touch).  I shall need warmth, good food, good friends, a loving husband and a welcoming place to share memories of past adventures.

That is my task today.  To soak in Hobbiton Movie Set and gobble up the food and learn how to create the type of home I envisioned the first time I laid eyes on Hobbiton.

Welcome to the Green Dragon Pub




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2 Responses to Anticipating a Return to Hobbiton

  1. Chuck Bryan says:

    There’s no reason Hobbits can’t have Wi-Fi when they already have Wizards!

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