Driving South East of Auckland

Or:  Our Last Full Day in New Zealand



Take the pastoral serenity of rural England, add in a dash of British Columbian vastness and sprinkle liberally with the unique spice that is all Kiwi.  That would be my recipe for New Zealand.

Jim, the Mother Hen


As we drove through the green, rolling landscape, I found my head swinging back and forth like a printer trying to create a complete mental image of the scenery flowing past around me.  A massively gnarled pine tree here, a green hillock artistically dotted with contented sheep there, around the corner sleepy eyed cattle enjoying the spring grass.

Finally back in our Howick apartment we realize, we don’t want to leave this lovely land.  Is this feeling because New Zealand is so like our own home of British Columbia or it is also so unique?  Which ever it is, New Zealand is constantly welcoming, constantly changing, and constantly intriguing.

We know for certain this will not be out last visit.  The date may be several years in the future but the itinerary is already in the works.  Everyone we talk to insists we must travel further into the South Island.  Apparently the area around Queenstown has scenery that takes your breath away.  And, of course, I have promised Jim he can visit the

Misty Morning

Martinborough wine growing area.  Once there, well, how could we not go back to Hawke’s Bay and have lunch at our favourite-ever Kiwi restaurant of Elephant Hill?  Oh!  Don’t forget we have not visited Waiheke Island in Auckland Harbour.  After all, it has it’s own wine growing area as well.  And I want to see the Auckland beaches when the Puhutukawa, the so called Kiwi Christmas Tree, is in full bloom.

There is so much more left to do and so much more time we’d like to spend just relaxing and soaking in this warm, green land.

But, time marches on and we are bound to explore new lands.  Australia beckons!  


About diwanderer

I love to travel! I love food and wine and learning about new cultures. Come and explore with me!
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