A Day in Perth



Perth’s City Skyline

Hustle and bustle!  After our few days stay in the relative calm of Fremantle, Perth seems to be incredibly busy, especially when we arrived using the rapid transit system. Naturally people are dashing everywhere.

Perth is an up and coming modern metropolis.  Maybe it was because it was a sunny, spring Friday but everyone seemed to be happy.  A very rare occurrence in any modern city!


I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a back alley… or anywhere!

Weird and wonderful works of art are everywhere downtown.  In fact, I found it a mite distracting.  We followed some painted lines on the pavement in a pedestrian only section thinking it might lead to our museum.  Nope, it was more modern art.

Our first stop was the museum of natural history.  I was fascinated by the Australian section and loved the (stuffed) bandicoot.  What a weird animal.  And really, what can you say about tiny frogs that camouflage themselves as bird poop?  I’m sure the Aussies found the rest of the museum interesting but I don’t really get excited about seeing a large, stuffed Canadian moose.  I suppose that to an Aussie, a moose with its impossibly skinny legs and enormous rack must be as weird looking as a kangaroo is to us!

Down on His Luck, an iconic Aussie painting from the gold rush days


Next stop was the art museum.  The older pieces certainly showed Perth’s British heritage; the artists either came from England or copied the European style of the time.  The Aboriginal Dot art is a favourite of mine and I like how it is being incorporated into modern works.

Lunch found us back in the centre of town.  As we sat outside in the fast food area, nibbling on our Subway sandwich and watching the astonishing set up of kiosks for an evening event, Jim asked, “Do you feel like you are at the edge of the Earth?”  I laughed!  Except for the sunshine (sorry, Vancouver, I love ya’ but…) we could have been back home or in any busy city.

My Favourite Modern Art Piece at the Perth Museum. It’s heavy and weightless, natural and geometric all at the same time.




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