Margaret River


More green and more vineyards!

As the four of us have tasted our way through Australia, it has become more and more obvious that a good deal of our favourite wines come from the Margaret River region, so it was with high anticipation we drove down to the area.

The first thing that appealed to me was the greenness.  We are from a temperate rainforest, and as much as we relish the heat and sun of Australia, something in our DNA longs for greener pastures… which is what we got as we traveled south.  While we were there we witnesses a wonderful rainstorm which did our rain-seeking hearts a world of good.

With the green, came more cultivation and more pastures and more vineyards.  Yes!  A very good sign!

Our first wild kangaroos. “Who? Us?”


Our temporary residence near Margaret River was an out-of-the-way retreat where we enjoyed the garden, the trees, the gentle lanes and our first sight of wild kangaroos.  We did not enjoy the flies, especially the horseflies, which H quickly dubbed, “flying crocodiles.”

No surprise, we loved the wineries at Margaret River.   When you mix high quality wines with well informed presenters and blend in a good portion of that unique Aussie casual welcome, how can you lose?

Do you like caves?  There are so many here there is even a road named after them.   Unfortunately, our priority was wine and food, so despite G’s urging, we found we ran out of time.  Another visit, perhaps?


Honeyeater at the Bottlebrush Bush

Like to surf?  Lots of that here!  The breakers are wonderful.

Like wildlife?  The whole coastline is devoted to preserving Australian wildlife.  In fact, there are very few restaurants on the coast, even in the most beautiful locations, because the flora and fauna comes first.

Like biking?  Lots of that going on!  In fact, we often had to pause in our travels to await the passing of a biker’s race.

If you come to this region, don’t miss the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, which I highlighted in a previous posting.

Now, by no means did we get to even a small portion of the wineries around, not even all the wineries we had on our shortlist, but here are a few of our favourites:

Xanadu- the Chardonnay Jim’s fave
Voyager- great wines, great restaurant
Howard Park- very good presentation, broad range of interesting wines

In the end, we found there was such a plethora of choices, we all decided to take one day off just to soak in the peace and quiet and watch the roos at our little retreat.

Always something to do, or not do if you wish, at Margaret River.  

A Refreshing Rain lashes the Gum Trees





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