Ah! Maui!


Maui Magic! Can you feel it?

There is magic on Maui. 

It is more than the warm, welcoming sun.  It surpasses the breakers whose sound rocks you through the night.  It is more than the humpback whales who frequent these waters from December to March and put on their annual display.  It is more than the culture, enough like home so you don’t feel foolish or lost, but different enough to add spice to your visit.

I think part of it is the feeling that you are truly on vacation.  Everyone acts like they are on holiday, even the people who live here!  “The spirit of Aloha” they call it.  I call it Maui Magic.

I remember the first time Jim and I came here when I was about forty.  I

Hibiscus blooming outside our door.

remember the first time I stood with my toes in the warm sea as the retreating waves pulled the sand out from under my heals, feeling the sun warm on my neck and the scented breezes whipping my hair.  I remember the magic then.  I remember wondering why it took us so long, with all our travelling about Europe, that we had never before taken that 6 hour flight to Hawaii?  Never before had I experienced a tropical (okay, semi-tropical) welcome before.  We were hooked.

Enjoying an Island Style Burger at Cheeseburgers in Paradise in Lahaina


Then we stayed at Kihei, as thousands of Canadians do each winter.  Now we stay near Lahaina and come back almost every year.

We are back again for our 2015 visit!  Back to our favourite spot, the condo on the ocean, where we can sip a glass of wine (so much cheaper than in Canada!), watching  the surf while looking for humpback whales and green sea turtles, while the sunset colours shift from grey to pink to orange to charcoal.

Back to where the toughest question is what shall we do today?  Go snorkelling?  Go for a stroll by the sea?  Go zip lining? Go shopping? Or just stay “home” and soak up some Maui magic?  

It is all, oh so, good!

Our first 2015 Maui sunset, and it was a beauty!



About diwanderer

I love to travel! I love food and wine and learning about new cultures. Come and explore with me!
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4 Responses to Ah! Maui!

  1. Kathryn says:

    I love following your adventures!

  2. diwanderer says:

    Thank you! Or as they say in Hawaii, “Mahalo!”

  3. Suzie says:

    Envying you as I sit in cold wet B.C. with what the weatherman ironically calls the ‘pineapple express’!!

  4. diwanderer says:

    LOL! At least a “pineapple express” usually means it is warm(er) rain. I heard it was 0 degrees the day after we left. Any precipitation would have been snow! (Tee hee!)

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