Preparing for Adventure


All my Bags are Packed

Or “Getting In-Listed”

The Wanderers are at it again! Tomorrow we leave for Europe.  For the first leg of the journey, the English leg, we shall have a new traveller with us, my nephew, M Wanderer.  He has been to the States, including Hawaii, but this will be his first time on a new continent.  By the way, touching every continent is part of his bucket list.  Don’t worry, he just turned sixteen, he has a long time to fulfill that list!

I am looking forward to seeing England again, through his fresh eyes.  

So, how am I preparing for this new adventure?  LISTS!! Lists everywhere.  Lists on the computer, lists on my iPad, lists on my iPhone, lists on whiteboard, even lists on paper.  I have been doing this for a lot of years but it doesn’t seem to get much easier.  The week before we leave is always hectic.  

Packing… you’d think that would be a snap by now, right?  Well, admittedly, it is easier with the invention of iPads.  I now take pictures of my packing… all the shirts, skirts, and pants and when I return I make notes on what I didn’t use, or what I wished I had.  I used to have trouble finding these photos but now I keep copies right in my suitcase, ready for me next time I travel.

Picture Lists, Computer Lists, Lists Everywhere

As I sit here, typing, I think I am almost ready.  The white board is almost completely white again.  You see, as I dash about the house trying to do this, that, and the other thing, my biggest problem is getting sidetracked. I have now developed a system where if I am on a mission and I think of something else I should be doing, I am only allowed to stop long enough to write this new task on the white board before I go back to my mission.  Yesterday this poor white board was a kaleidoscope of different colours, old notes that didn’t erase well, and notes so squeezed in they were barely legible.  When I start on a mission, I put a tick beside it.  When I finish it, I cheer, and erase that item.  Right now that white board only has one thing on it, namely, “Do a practice blog,” and this is it.  


Oops.  Darn, I just thought of some things to add to my whiteboard.


About diwanderer

I love to travel! I love food and wine and learning about new cultures. Come and explore with me!
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