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Playing Tourist in Granada

Some places just seem to be built for tourism, and except for its lack of street signs and maze-like one way streets, Granada is one of them, especially after you ditch your car and explore on foot or public transit. … Continue reading

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La Alhambra

Or:  Tiles and Ceilings and Fountains, Oh My! There is really only one word for the Alhambra:  Amazing!   Having said that, I shall now proceed to contradict myself by filling the page with many other words. Perhaps it is the … Continue reading

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Hiking through the hills of Southern Spain

  When you first see the hills of Southern Spain, especially after a long, very hot summer, you may be forgiven if you thinks they are nothing but scrub bushes, rocky soil, and dry trees.  However, take a closer look … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Spain

We have left France behind and are now exploring Spain.  We have been here before, once to Barcelona, which we loved, and a couple of quick visits elsewhere in Spain during our early travelling days when we were still doing … Continue reading

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Observing the Harvest in Burgundy

(As seen by an interested visitor from the vantage point of her apartment across the street from a winery in Pommard, and from the windows of our rental car as we tour about the valley.) The air hums with activity … Continue reading

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Pommard, Small Town France

As you drive through France, you see them everywhere: lovely, little towns nestled in valleys, perching on hill tops, or stealing space among the green fields.  Each one maintains its own unique character and yet there is also a soothing … Continue reading

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Travelling in Champange

Travelling in the Champagne district of France is a bubbly dream!  Even the lowly corner restaurant has champagne by the glass and there are more varieties of my favourite bubbly on wine lists than I ever knew existed! At first … Continue reading

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