Pommard, Small Town France

Pommard among the Grapevines. You can see Beaune in the near distance.

As you drive through France, you see them everywhere: lovely, little towns nestled in valleys, perching on hill tops, or stealing space among the green fields.  Each one maintains its own unique character and yet there is also a soothing similarity.

Degustation- where to search for a new favourite wine.

We are lucky enough to have found one we love.  It is Pommard, which isn’t even on our highway map.  However, the name rings loudly in Jim’s wine loving brain, which is why we chose it in the first place.  The town, or village rather, is placed so close to Beaune, it is very easy to pop into town to get what you need at the Carrefour or Intermarche.  We get the advantage of the convenience of town and still enjoy the pleasures of a village.

Patisserie- where to get your daily bread and daily croissant.


Pommard has a wonderfully soft, white town square (more triangular than square, actually) that seems to glow in the sunshine and brightens up a dull, rainy afternoon.  It boasts its own Patisserie/Boulangerie (Bakery) and a well stocked Boucherie (Deli/Butcher).  Unfortunately, the epicerie (corner store) has closed down since the last time we were here so you can’t pop out to replenish your milk supply between trips to town.

Pommard, as the name might suggest to wine-lovers, also has many degustations and restaurants where you can sample the best of the region.  As well (now here’s a wonderful surprise!) Pommard also has one of the best chocolate shops it has ever been my joy to encounter.  Their hazelnut dark chocolate bark is some to best I’ve ever tasted.  The hazelnuts are perfectly toasted and extremely fresh (Jim is fussy about his nuts.)

Appelation Chocolate

Being close to Beaune it is easy to drive in and visit the weekly Saturday Market (on a smaller scale on Wednesdays too in summer).  Armed with the my purchases from this market, it always astonishes me how easy it is to whip up gourmet-tasting meals.  It helps that the apartment we rent comes with a well stocked kitchen.  

This year we were lucky enough to be in Pommard during the vendage… the grape harvest.  The whole place seems to hum with excitement!  This is the time of year where grape hauling tractors, no matter how slow, have the right of way!  One day, after picking up a wine at a local degustation, we had to make way for a truck loaded with grapes.  One fellow was hanging on to the back, his eyes bright, his grey hair gleaming in the sun, and a pleased smile broadening his lips.  Was it the feel of the wind that enthralled him?  Or was he an owner, excited by the bounty of the 2015 harvest?  At any rate, I can’t wait to sample this vintage back in Canada and reflect on our days in Pommard.  Here’s hoping we return soon!  Cheers!

Here, try some the 2015 vintage! Fresh off the vine!



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