The Magic of Budapest at Night


Panorama of Budapest at Night. What a sight!

Looking for magic?  Go to Budapest at night!  Go for a stroll, tram ride, or (best of all) river cruise.  The city is transformed! 


At night, the Parliament buildings are even more jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Lights guild the the city.   All those fantastic, beautiful buildings are flooded with golden splendour while the more modern trappings fade into shadowy obscurity.  Monuments we had never noticed before suddenly stand out in brilliance against a darkened backdrop.  I can only say, “Wow!”  

Party on the Liberty Bridge


One Saturday we walked home over the Liberty Bridge.  This is a suspension bridge with broad metal bands forming the arcs.  Every night, young people climb up on the suspension arcs and while they watch the light, hoot and callout to every boat that drifts by underneath.  Being Saturday night it was a real party!


St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Fisherman’s Church

Several days later, when we joined our river cruise, we had a night cruise up and down the river through Budapest.  All those lights, all those beautiful buildings, even the headlights of the cars and busses seemed like magical fireflies. By the exclamations of “Amazing!” and the “oos” and “ahhs”, I wasn’t the only person to think so!  Remember when I said people line up on the bridges and call down to passing ships?  That night we got to be on the receiving end!  From the vantage point of the roof of a river boat, we hooted and called right back to the folks lining the bridges.  What a spectacular event to cap off our visit to Budapest!

Castle Hill and the Chain Bridge





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