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A Quick Visit to Vienna and Austria

(These events took place in September while we were on a Riverboat tour.)     With the Danube closed due to a broken lock, our vessel was moored in the middle of nowhere. Our visit to Vienna would  again have … Continue reading

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Just One of Those Days

Bratislava, Slovakia   I post this to let you know that not every travel day is full of sunshine and flowers.   It was just one of those days. A lot of little things went wrong. When you put it … Continue reading

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Budapest, First Impressions

Budapest!  To me the name rings with exotic chimes of mystery.  It is a place only seen in spy thrillers or read about in adventure stories.   Even as we drove in, our taxi driver proudly reamed off the names … Continue reading

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The Rain Forests of Central America

Or:  Getting Wet is Worth It! On this cruise along the Western Caribbean, we stopped and explored two rainforests, one in Panama and the other in neighbouring Costa Rica. I love the rainforest!  So many plants and animals to see and … Continue reading

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Segway in Cartagena, Columbia

This is our very first port of call in South America, so we are able to tick one more continent off our lifetime travel goal.   As soon as we stepped outdoors, we were besieged by the heat.  This is … Continue reading

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Playing Tourist in Granada

Some places just seem to be built for tourism, and except for its lack of street signs and maze-like one way streets, Granada is one of them, especially after you ditch your car and explore on foot or public transit. … Continue reading

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