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A Quick Visit to Vienna and Austria

(These events took place in September while we were on a Riverboat tour.)     With the Danube closed due to a broken lock, our vessel was moored in the middle of nowhere. Our visit to Vienna would  again have … Continue reading

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Just One of Those Days

Bratislava, Slovakia   I post this to let you know that not every travel day is full of sunshine and flowers.   It was just one of those days. A lot of little things went wrong. When you put it … Continue reading

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The Magic of Budapest at Night

  Looking for magic?  Go to Budapest at night!  Go for a stroll, tram ride, or (best of all) river cruise.  The city is transformed!    Lights guild the the city.   All those fantastic, beautiful buildings are flooded with … Continue reading

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Budapest, First Impressions

Budapest!  To me the name rings with exotic chimes of mystery.  It is a place only seen in spy thrillers or read about in adventure stories.   Even as we drove in, our taxi driver proudly reamed off the names … Continue reading

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Santorini, A Sapphire and Snow-White Gem

It is almost impossible to believe but it is true.  Santorini really is as pretty as a postcard.  When you see the view for yourself, THE VIEW, the one made famous in so many postcards, calendars, and travel books, you … Continue reading

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Wanderers in Naples

Or: Bambinos in the Woods Today we explored a new to us city: Napoli. For me it was a completely fresh experience especially since, I blush to admit, I haven’t been in Italy since 1982, and that was during one … Continue reading

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The Rain Forests of Central America

Or:  Getting Wet is Worth It! On this cruise along the Western Caribbean, we stopped and explored two rainforests, one in Panama and the other in neighbouring Costa Rica. I love the rainforest!  So many plants and animals to see and … Continue reading

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